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Order Tracking & Scheduling

Our platform provides order tracking and scheduling for all users. When you submit a boosting order, it creates a private section for you in the member's area. In your order, you can follow up on the progress made by the booster and also schedule boosting hours in the chat.

Cost-Efficient and Flexible solution

Regardless of your game choice, Ez-boosting aims to bring you the lowest prices attainable. Other than providing a cost-efficient boost service for the most popular online games, we remain flexible to give you additional discounts and custom orders in live chat or from speaking with the admins in Discord or Skype!

Safety & Privacy

We only work with the highest-rated and most credible boosters from the industry that we pre tested and worked with for many months if not years at least!

Live Chat

We offer 24/7 live chat just incase you needed help with anything! And we always have a new discount code there so make sure to use it!


Various games have different boosting processes but the idea remains the same. When purchasing a boost, a boosting order is created in our system and a professional player employed by our company gets assigned to complete it. To complete the goal of a specific boost, the professional booster will use their experience and skill advantage to reach a certain rank or level
Yes! For each game that we offer boosting services for, there is an option of playing in duo queue. With duo queue boosting, you can team up with our professional booster and start winning games immediately. Furthermore, we wont ask or need your personal account email or password when purchasing a duo boost!
The approximate waiting time for an order to start highly depends on the region and the game. Generally, boosting starts within minutes after placing and paying for an order, unless you want to schedule it for later. It all depends on your preferences!
We offer live order progress tracking for all of our boost orders. The order tracking is accessible by each user by logging in to their member’s area. On one order, there might be multiple tracking options and the number of options usually depend on the game itself AND your preferences, The options can include streaming of the boosting process.
YES! When you order a boost you will have the option to pick a specific hero.

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