Pre-Made Accounts

[PC] Golden Points Account
Account Name : clayjay
Lvl : 86
Gold : 0
Cp : 7875
Golden Guns : none
Current Rank : unranked
season 7 : 4163 final
4298 peak
season 6 : 3825 final
season 5 : 3985 final
(Pc) Decayed Gm Account
Account Name : Thedarkness
Lvl : 104
Gold : 1830
Cp : 4943
Loot Boxes : 32
Golden Guns : None
Current Rank : unranked
season 7 : 3807 final
peak 4141 ( decayed )
Dps Main BTW ( PS4 )
Psn : ZedThe1
Golden Guns : Pharah/Soldier/Tracer
CP : 646
Gold : 2985
Current Sr : Unranked
Season 7 : Unranked
Season 6 : Unranked
Season 5 : 4407
Season 4 : 4509
Name : ZED
Golden Guns : Tracer/Pharah/Soldier
CP :4485
Season 8 : 4055 Final
Season 9 : unranked
Season 10 : unranked

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We are the original accounts, we will never resell accounts bought from other website, we have 100% ownership of every single account we offer

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For sure it is, all those accounts belong to our website, meaning we guarantee their safety and validity

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Yes!! We guarantee a life-time warranty for all our accounts, they're all safe, valid, never cheated on or broke any of the game's rules

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After the purchase, you'll be sent a confirmation email and contacted within 1-2 hours by our staff team to transfer the ownership of your new account to you

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We are a new online game services website looking to build our reputation, your satisfaction is our primary goal and your trust is precious to us, we do this for living so we take our job seriously and professionally

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Right now we only accept PayPal

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