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We will get a Top 50 player to play your placements for you and get at least 80% Winrate!

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Play your Placements alongside a professional Overwatch booster! We won't need your email or password for this
Pick 2-3 heroes for your booster to use ( please write them in the order notes )
We will make sure that the booster finishes your placements ASAP!!

Please Note: Discounts will be applied at the payment processor checkout


Frequently Asked Questions?

Various games have different boosting processes but the idea remains the same. When purchasing a boost, a boosting order is created in our system and a professional player employed by our company gets assigned to complete it. To complete the goal of a specific boost, the professional booster will use their experience and skill advantage to reach a certain rank or level
Yes! Most of our services allow Duo-Q option where you can play with a booster on your own account to your desired rank, We don't need your email or password for this option!
you can track your order in the Members Area where you will be able to chat with your booster, follow the progress of your boost, and ask your booster about any tips or how long they will need to finish your order!
The approximate waiting time for an order to start highly depends on the game and the time you ordered in. Generally, boosting starts within minutes after paying for an order, unless you want to schedule it to later. It all depends on your preferences.
Currently we only accept Paypal, but we will be adding way more payment methods soon including bitcoin, stripe, paysafecard and more!
We hire the top rated boosters only, None of our boosters use any kind of cheats, And your details will forever be safe with us! If you still don't feel comfortable you can always pick the Duo-q option!
Yes! For almost all games we have, We offer streaming, 2X speed. Specific hero feel free to pick any of them or all of them!