Customize a Smurf
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Please make sure it's not already taken. If it's taken we will contact you by email to choose an alternative.

Customize a Smurf: This one is for those who care about the tiny details of their career profile, we will build an account from scratch for you, all on your on conditions

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* Minimum price to submit order is $20

Customize a SMurf

This is our exclusive service and a special service that originated from our website, we will build the smurf of your dream!

Overwatch Smurf

Get your Overwatch smurf of your dreams, designed and perfected by us, all on your own conditions and liking, we will deliver your desired Overwatch smurf just exactly as you ordered it and in a very fast time, you can specify every detail of your Overwatch smurf and we’ll meet all of your conditions, try our overwatch smurf service and you will not be disappointed.

Everything You Need To Know:

What is Customize a Smurf?

It's a service where will we will build an entirely new account, all on your own conditions and preferences, We are proud to be the first to start this service,

Is it safe?

Sure it is, your new account's friend list will be empty, loot boxes untouched and after we finish the order you'll get 100% full ownership of your new smurf

I bought a custom smurf, what now?

After the purchase, you'll be sent a confirmation email and we will keep updating you with everything regarding your order via e-mail and on our Members Area

How long do I have to wait until I get my Smurf?

Depends on how big you want the smurf to be, number of levels, desired rating ...etc. However an account level 25 and Diamond / Low Master rated should be ready within 24 hours

Why is the price on PC more expensive?

Because we will be buying a new Overwatch key for your new account which costs 40$

I already have an Overwatch key

If you're on PC and have a new unused key for the game and don't want to pay the extra 40$ for a new key you can choose either PS4 or XBOX1 in the platform option and leave a note to us with the key details

Why should I trust you?

We are a new online game services website looking to build our reputation, your satisfaction is our primary goal and your trust is precious to us, we do this for living so we take our job seriously and professionally

Which payment methods do you accept?

Right now we only accept PayPal

Your question isn't on this list?

We will be happy to talk to you in the live support chat, skype: voyagsker for immediate response or you can use the contact form in our website